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Electric Fence In Coimbatore Electric Fences are electric fences constructed using specialised equipment and built for perimeter security as opposed to animal management. Security electric fences consist of wires that carry pulses of electric current to provide a non-lethal shock to deter potential intruders. Tampering with the fence also results in an alarm that is logged by the security electric fence energiser.Electric Fence In Coimbatore

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Remote Gate In Coimbatore We are the smart choice when it comes to Remote controlled Gate & Security Systems...Automatic Entrance Gates are meant to provide controlled access restricting the unauthorized entry into your premises. They reduce the human efforts as our gates get open automatically & are inbuilt with an auto-closing feature to close the gate thereafter. Remote Gate In Coimbatore

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W- Beam barrier in Coimbatore: W-beam guardrail is shaped from steel coil into W-like rail and typically galvanized to get rid of corrosion from weathers, rains and other threating factors. 10-gauge or 12-gauge corrugated steel rail is strong enough to prevent vehicle accidents in most applications. Sometimes colored powder coating is used to add view to the applications. W beam crash barrier is frequently found in many places. It can be applied to guard work zone safety, asset protection and control the traffic movement. Manufactured in standard AASHTO, lengths will be 12'6" or 25'; special lengths and post-hole spacing are available. According to the actual requirements, W-beam crash barrier can be classified into strong and weak, most different from the thickness of the beam and the post. Remark: A complete set of W-beam guardrail system can be provided for easy installation and economic cost. Product descriptions: Corrugated Steel Gauge: 10 or 12 or as required; Length: 12'6" or 25'; Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing (up to 550 g/sqm) or powder coating; Steel Grade: Raw material conforming to IS 5986 Grade Fe 360/Fe 410, IS 10748 Grade II or equivalent; Standard: AASHTO Specifications; Post spacing: 6'3" (strong post) and 12'6" (weak post). Popular Applications: Car parking lot guardrail; Industrial barriers; Roadway guard crash barriers; Median highway crash barrier; Loading bays; Warehouses; Distribution depots; Service roads; Pedestrian areas; Bridge guardrail. Features & Advantages: Widest applications like bridge guardrail; Galvanization prevents corrosion; Installed on strong or weak posts on your request; Powder coating is optional. Full set of accessories ensure easy installation; Less maintenance; Continues to function as effective barrier after minor impacts. Disadvantage: Reduce available road space for pedestrians; Affect the aesthetics. Installation types of W-beam guardrail Single faced single barrier. Single faced double barrier. Double faced single barrier. Double faced double barrier. Up to 3 mm thickness : Yield stress (Min) : 255 N/ Ultimate tensile strength (Min) : 410 - 520 N/ % Elongation (Min) : 17.0 % Above 3 mm thickness : Yield stress (Min) : 255 N/ Ultimate tensile strength (Min) : 410 - 520 N/ % Elongation (Min) : 24.0 % W- Beam barrier in Coimbatore:

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chain link fence in Coimbatore: Sizes and uses In the United States, fencing usually comes in 20 ft and 50 ft rolls, which can be joined by "unscrewing" one of the end wires and then "screwing" it back in so that it hooks both pieces. Common heights include 3 ft, 3 ft 6 in, 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, and 12 ft, though almost any height is possible. Common mesh gauges are 9, 11, and 11.5. Mesh length can also vary based on need, with the standard mesh length being 2". For tennis courts and ball parks, the most popular height is 10 ft, and tennis courts use a mesh length of 1.75".[2] The popularity of chain-link fence is from its relatively low cost and that the open weave does not obscure sunlight from either side of the fence. One can make a chain-link fence semi-opaque by inserting slats into the mesh. Allowing ivy to grow and interweave itself is also popular. chain link fence in Coimbatore:

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Electric Fence wire in Coimbatore: Fence wire: 2.59mm diameter, High tensile wire with minimum of 230 gms/sq.m zinc coating thickness. UTS of 140.5 Kg/ and break strength of 740 Kgs. Electric Fence wire in Coimbatore:

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electric fence material in coimbatore: Insulator: Strain Insulators for End or Corner Posts: Made of High quality virgin plastic – Polypropylene rated for 15 KV UV Stabilized. Reel Insulators: Made of virgin Polypropylene plastic UV stabilized rated for 15KV operation. These insulators are used to guide the fence wire along the boundary through Intermediate posts. They provide anti-climb configuration to the fence. electric fence material in coimbatore.

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Electric fence in coimbatore: The Energizer will be able to check the fence around 50 times a minute and the instant the pulsated wires are cut or tampered, a built-in-alarm will immediately alert the monitoring personnel and the security authorities, along with the zone of attempted break-in (Optional). pulse interval : 1.2 sec

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solar fence in coimbatore: 8km Solar Electric Fence Energiser Ever worried about livestock and animals escaping your property? This 8km Solar Electric Fence Energiser is the ideal product for you. Note: The electric shock given by the fence may present a danger for small children or persons suffering from heart problems. Please be cautious. Features: *8km solar electric fence energiser *0.3J fence energiser w/ lead acid battery *Excellent device to keep livestock on grounds *Monocrystalline silicon solar panel provides a more efficient power conversion *Protective functions - over charge protection & reverse battery protection *Fully charged battery can work up to 20days or more *Waterproof; offers continuous service *Brief pulse function to prevent harmful electric shocks Specifications: *Discharge energy: 0.3J *Input voltage : 6.5V—8.7VDC *Output voltage : 8KV±1.5KV; *Load capacity : 2700V/500O (peak data) *Fence line length:8 km(single lead line) *MAX. power of solar cell: 2.4W *MAX.consumption: 15 mA@6.5V *Supply voltage with battery : 6V 7AH Lead-acid battery *Protective function : over discharger and over charge protection, reversed battery protection *inspected function : short circuit of solar fence controller, the shortage of battery *Operation time of a fully charged battery: 20days or more *Waterproof rating: IP54(water proof) *Solar panel size: 18.3 x 16.3cm *Dimensions: 26.5 x 19.5 x 20.5cm *Colour: Black

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Solar electric fence in coimbatore: Product Description Our organization is engaged in retailing, trading and supplying a vast gamut of Agricultural Solar Fencing System. This fencing system enhances good safety to the agricultural land and crops. Offered fencing system is available in different sizes and dimensions based on the requirements. Furthermore, this fencing system is tested on well-defined parameters of quality so as to supply a defect free range. Features: Corrosion resistance Provides good security level form wild animals Durability Other Details: Solar Fencing Agriculture Applications: Provides good security level form wild animals Enhances good safety to the agricultural land and crops Strong and durable fences Available in different sizes and dimens ions based on the requirements Solar electric fence.

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PAINTABLE PLASTIC LATTICE Turn your lattice project into a perfect reflection of your personal taste. Simply choose your favorite Dimensions™ style (Privacy Square, Privacy Diamond or Classic Diamond), then select your favorite color of aerosol paint for plastic (along with primer if desired) and go to it. Ideal for outdoor use, such as deck skirting and accents, as well as pool, spa and hot tub surrounds. Then create a professional finished look with our paintable caps and divider mouldings. Need installation Tips & Tricks? See our step-by-step recommendations.