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    High security Fencing is widely used for its strength, appearance and anti-climb/anti-attack profile. Created from 4mm galvanized/zinc-alum wire, the finger proof mesh format is produced by electrical resistance welding at each intersection. The mesh opening of approximately 8mm x 70mm, makes it extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools presenting a higher delay factor greater than that of other fencing products. Tamper proof fixings assure that panels cannot be removed from the attack side.

    Total Fenceprovides complete system, including posts, fittings, etc.

    Top, bottom or cross rails can be utilized to provide additional strength.

    For non-military applications, that is for industrial and commercial properties, Total Fencehas designed special posts and done profiling on the panels to reduce the amount of steel as compared to systems used in highest security zones.

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    Longevity of High Security Fencing:

    High Security Fencing

    Total Fencesupplies high security fence systems with strong and durable surface coatings. Zinc rich epoxy, Polyester powder, and Thermoplastic coatings are some of the available options. To further increase the corrosion resistance of the system, panels can be made out of heavy galvanized wire, or zinc-alum wire. The design of the high security fence system is such that, system requires no fabrication work on the site, and it is a complete assembly job, which ensures that factory finish is maintained, while installation.



    Installation of High Security Fencing:


    Total Fencehas designed this high security fencing system in such a way that minimal components are required to erect the system, and it is a completely modular system. Installation is simple and user friendly. The design allows fast and accurate installation. Some of the typical ways of fitting this system are shown in drawings below.

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