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Lattice was used almost exclusively as attractive skirting around porches and decks. But more recently, creative builders, architects and homeowners have discovered just how stylish and versatile lattice can be. Lattice sheet add a designer look, extra privacy — or both — to your outdoor living spaces. Incorporate it into a bold fence design. Update planters, gazebos and outdoor kitchens. Freshen your flower beds and garden borders. And what about those things you don’t really want to see? Easily conceal air conditioners, trash cans and compost bins by creating an attractive visual barrier using — you guessed it — lattice. With our UV-stabilized plastic, your project resists fading in the sun and remains virtually maintenance-free year round. A quick rinse is all it takes to remove surface dirt when necessary, guaranteeing years of great-looking results. But don't stop there. Bring the outdoors in and let lattice refresh your indoor living spaces too. Create room dividers, wall coverings, headboards, stylish organization in mudrooms, laundry rooms and so much more. With so many colors, styles and sizes to choose from, every project comes out uniquely you.

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